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Brian Petty Starts Consultant Services, LLC


Consultant Services was started in 2011 as a resource for Business Owners and Managers to turn to when they can not accomplish what they want with their companies or positions. Owner Brian Petty looks forward to continuing to provide this service for another 25 years.

Consultant Services has a deep and diverse background of business experience. But Petty states, “CS is not about the mechanics and components of a company, those are easy. CS is about finding and unfolding the potential opportunities within employees and a company’s infrastructure.” He goes on to say, “Improving a company is like panning for gold. There’s nuggets in every company or nuggets of opportunity can be brought into any company.”

Consultant Services is part of a group of companies owned by Brian Petty. With three companies under Petty’s belt and hopefully more up and coming Consultant Services offerings will continue to expand it’s offerings.